Intro to the book

On January 1st, 2019, one year after the beginning of what would turn out to be a brutal bear market, u/singlestateserenity posted their first haiku. Over the course of the ensuing months, these haikus became a staple of the Daily. They became something that many in the community genuinely looked forward to.

Often the first post in the Daily – the haikus gave us a laugh, provided context, and put things into perspective. These little pieces of wisdom and fun touched people when the broader world around them wasn’t feeling particularly positive.

It is my honor to put them in book form so that we may collectively hold some small part of Ethereum’s history. The hope is that it will serve as a reminder of the time we’ve all shared – time filled with regrets, joys, horrible trades, thoughts of $324 (in both directions), and so much more.

A sincere thank you to all of you who made this something to cherish,

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The Haiku Book Trailer

This project was born out of the depths of the bear market when there were a few hundred posts a day at most, and only maybe 50-200 regulars here talking about how cool it was that this thing called DeFi would one day emerge. Believe it or not, and as exciting as Ethereum and DeFi is now, 2018-19 was filled with more uncertainty and doubt than many of us want to remember. It’s a time capsule for those that care. This book is one of many ways to celebrate our transition as a community away from bad times to better times.

– decibels42